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A theatre in the heart of the city, with a very rich program, a cultural tour of interesting museums: the Casa Rossa (Red House) home of the writer Alfredo Panzini (1863-1939) with its park; the Torre Saracena (Saracen Tower), symbol of Bellaria Igea Marina, built to protect the coast from the pirates, with a beatiful seashells collection; the Museum of History with important remains of a roman archaeological site; the Radio Museum with 140 old radios from 1930 e 1940. This is the cultural offer of our town, a tour for all ages. 
During summer the museums are open every night and offer free guided visits.

From the Torre Saracena (Saracen Tower) you can reach the harbour, heart of the old town, where you'll meet the mariners and find some tasty fresh fish. Fishing developped in Bellaria Igea Marina at the end of 1800 and was the most important activity in town. Today we have an important production of mussels

Walking along the harbour you'll notice an old ship with coloured sails, the beautiful "bragozzo" Teresina. In the past each mariner's family had a specific colour for the sails, that permitted to recognize the mariners when they came back to harbour.

The gastronomic tradition of our land doesn't need presentation: Romagna is a land of flavours and taste, land of good red and white wines, of oil, of fruit and vegetables, of hand made pasta, of tasty cheese and sausages, of fish and of the typical bread: piadina