Bellaria Igea Marina is within easy reach to all the most important water and theme parks of the Adriatica Coast. The funny occasion for adults and children!!!


Aquafan is rightly considered the number 1 water park in Europe.
Founded in 1987 on the Riccione hills, Aquafan is a journey of pleasure that offers its visitors real excitement, thanks to its waterslides (with an overall length of more than 3 km) water games, the beautiful greenery of its gardens, events, various initiatives, entertainment and much more besides.
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This is the ideal place for all the family, with over 30 attractions set in 150,000 square metres of lush greenery and thrilling live shows where fantasy and imagination combine to offer visitors a really special day out!
A live show called "101 Dalmatians" is just one of the new attractions this season that visitors won't want to miss; and more... SPACE MOUSE, BORGOMAGICO or Magic Village is Babau's village (he's the park's mascot), CAPITAN NEMO'S ADVENTURES. And then there's Merlin's Magic Castle, Peter Pan's Mysterious Bay, the Valley of the Gnomes with its funny inhabitants, the daring Giant Slide, the adventurous Grand Canyon and lots of other thrills and spills...
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In the heart of Cesenatico another wonderful water park to spend a funny day. THe park has a total area of 100.000 square meters with green area, waterslides, swimming pool, 3 snack bars, 1 pizzeria, 2 bars and parking place. 

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Indiana Golf is the greatest adventuregolf theme park in Italy. You will experience an unforgettable adventure amongwaterfalls and rocks, ponds crossed by little bridges and hidden tracks.
Surrounded by a 7000mq park, along Riccione promenade, just 5 minutes far from Downtown.
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Italia in Miniatura is the Italian historical, architectural and cultural heritage theme park, which has blended fun and learning since 1970. Only here you can experience the excitement of "travelling" and learning while walking around the 272 perfect scale reproductions of architectural marvels of the "Bel Paese" (the beautiful country). But that is not all: meet Casanova, sailing through a reproduction of Venice, which is actually one fifth the size of the original, take part in refreshing water battles to the last drop at Cannonacqua...and much more!           Visit the park website

 delfinario rimini

Check out underwater and admire the swift Dolphin's way of swimming.
The most friendly and clever creature of the Sea, the Dolphins amaze us in numerous ways. The Rimini's Delfinarium hosts a group of Dolphins
belonging to the 'Tursiops truncatus' species, there are females, adult males
and their siblings born these last years. Watch how they behave and discover
how a Mother take care of her creature.
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acquario cattolica 

Seventy exhibiting tanks and pools are home to over 3000 specimens of 400 species from all over the world. Film showings, animation, a fascinating 3D show on the sea food chain, and a special monitoring room where you can see "what goes on behind the scenes", all these facilities offer the chance to find out more on your visit. Sharks are the absolute stars of the aquarium: 50 specimens belonging to 13 species, from smaller Mediterranean ones to the largest South African bull sharks. The highlight of the Cattolica aquarium is the chance for visitors to experience a real dive in the large shark tank. Visit the park website

 oltremare At the Oltremare theme park in Riccione, children "grow" through the pleasure of discovery, and adults become children again, enjoying all the fun and excitement!
At Oltremare, children and adults can quench their thirst for knowledge thanks to stimulating educational routes, technological equipment, and the charm of the park's many animals. The largest Dolphin Lagoon in Europe, which is home to 11 friendly bottlenose dolphins, bizarre seahorses from around the world, a fun show with farm animals, breathtaking flights of birds of prey, Po River Delta habitats, nature trails, and a turtle hospital.... All these wonders make up a 110-m2 park that pays the most exciting homage to Planet Earth and to our Adriatic Sea, where entertainment and knowledge blend to create an unforgettable day!
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Enjoy the fun in the biggest park of the Adriatic Coast! 37 attractions, 9 shows and the area "Bimbopoli", dedicated to the youngest!                                                           Visit the park website